Balinese Hindu Stories (part 2) – Capucine

As beautiful as the moon

Once upon a time there were Gods and demons and they were both looking for a potion that would never make them die. When something never dies it is called immortal. 

The Gods and the demons were friends and they worked together to make the potion. They took a volcano and put it in the sea. A guardian snake wrapped around the volcano to spin it like a top, and this stirred the sea up like a milkshake which turned it into a magic potion. They got a special container for potions and collected the potion and put it in there. 

But the demons did not share the potion and ran away with it.

One of the Gods called Wisnu disguised himself as a pretty girl and the demon just fell in love with him so he gave him the potion. Wisnu ran to the other Gods to give them the potion but the problem was that the demon had taken a gigantic sip of the potion already. The sun and the moon quickly rushed to Wisnu to tell him about it and when Wisnu found out he chopped off the demon’s head. The demon drank the potion in his mouth but it did not have time to digest into its body so his head will now never die.

IMG_0966 (2)

The demon is very angry with the moon and the sun for telling Wisnu so now he eats the moon and the sun sometimes but because he doesn’t have a body he is caused to spit it out again  and that is a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse.


After reading this story we learnt about lunar and solar eclipses. Here is what I learned about it and my drawings about lunar and solar eclipses:


Lunar eclipse


The Sun is in the middle and the Earth goes around the Sun and whilst its going around, the Moon is going around the Earth and sometimes, which is rarely, the Moon and the Earth stop in a straight line and the Earth creates a shadow onto the Moon and the Moon disappears for a few minutes and then you see it again after it comes out of the shadow because the Sun shines onto the Moon again and that is called a lunar eclipse.

Solar eclipse


The Earth goes around the Sun and then the Moon stops in front of the Earth and creates a shadow on the Earth. Some parts of the Earth turn all back and in the middle of the day all you see is black but that’s very rarely until the Moon moves out of the way and then the Sun rays can go onto the Earth again and that is called a solar eclipse.

Love Capucine xxx💋

6 thoughts on “Balinese Hindu Stories (part 2) – Capucine

  1. I love your description of the lunar and solar eclipses! It was so interesting and was really easy to read. I especially enjoyed the story about Wisnu and the demons. From your brother, Apollinaire XXX

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  2. This is the best explanation of lunar and solar eclipses! And what a wonderful story too. I am learning so much from your blog entry Capucine. Well done and keep up the good work !

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