The Clown Fish – Capucine

Many Clowfish live in the warm waters between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and also in the North of Australia in the Barrier Reef. The Clowfish shelters himself in a plant called an Anemone and they have a symbiotic relationship and that means that they help each other.

The Anemone has stinging tentacles and whenever fish come close to the Anemone it stings them and eats them but the Clowfish hides there and is safe because it has mucus which is a slimy covering on its body. The Clowfish cleans the Anemone and eats the algae and fish leftovers on top of it.


I liked learning about the Clowfish and the Anemone because I know now what they eat and how they help each other.

Love, Capucine x

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