The Green Peacock in Java – Capucine

The green peacock live in Southeast Asia, Malaysia and the islands of Java and was a royal symbol of Myanmar’s monarchs in the olden days. The green peacock is more quiet than the Indian peacock and also larger and taller. A daddy can be 3 meters long and 5 kg! It is a forest bird and it nests on the ground and lays up to 3 to 6 eggs at a time. They eat fruits, reptiles, insects and mice sometimes.


With the blue peacock from India the mummy and daddy look very similar so when you see them in the wild you can tell straight away who is the mummy and who is the daddy but with the green peacock from Java the mummy and daddy look very similar. The only difference is that the daddy has a very long tail decorated with eyespots (ocelli) and the mummy has a green and much shorter tail.


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Grown ups don’t know if the green peacock is polygamous (has many wives to make babies with) like the blue peacock or monogamous (they only have one wife) because they don’t have a special dance or fight ritual to try to fall in love. The daddy helps with the baby peacocks.

It is really upsetting because the green peacock is nearly disappearing (it is called extinct) because people hunt them, steal them or damage their habitat and now it is an endangered species.


I liked learning about the green peacock because green and turquoise are my favourite colours and I think that the green peacock is the most beautiful bird in the world.

Love, Capucine x

3 thoughts on “The Green Peacock in Java – Capucine

  1. Amazing! I never knew that peacocks could grow to 3 metres or that the father helps look after the babies. It is really disappointing that they are now at risk because of hunters. It was a really interesting article to read, thank you from Apollinaire


    • Dear Apollinaire,

      Thank you for your lovely comment on the green Peacocks that live in Java and it is really sad that get killed and also their poo is very good for the world and thank you for your lovely comment on the Peacocks .

      From Capucine 😋


  2. Well, aren’t they just the most magnificent birds ever?! It’s so sad they are becoming extinct because of poachers. I hope they continue to thrive so we can enjoy their extraordinary plumage. Xo bisous Capucine!

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