Congklak board game – Apollinaire

In bali we met the loveliest lady. Her name is Silvia and she taught us so much – how to dance, weave and how to play a traditional Indonesian board game called Congklak.

Congklak is really fun to play and the minimum amount of players is three. Congklak is a sort of maths game where you add numbers together and someone else finds the answer. You will need a wooden Congklak board, or you could make your own colourful 2D board by using cardboard or even paper. There was a boy called Kai and a girl called Raven who wanted to join in and play Congklak with Silva, Capucine and I. They were both very nice and Kai kept beating me all the time!


Here are instructions on how to play:

In the instructions, I have used addition but you could also try subtraction, division or even multiplication if you are up for a challenge. I have really enjoyed playing and discovering Congklak. I have a board game at home called Mancala which is played around the world but mainly in Africa which has a very similar board as Congklak but it is completely different in terms of rules. I would definitely recommend Congklak for children and adults and I am hoping to learn new games that people play from all over the world.

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