The Secret Island (part 1) – Capucine

My mummy said we should read books about adventures because we were on an adventure and Enid Blyton‘s book are just amazing and they are really helpful to me and easy. They are some words that you don’t understand but I have checked them on my dictionary and now I have learned so much new words.

I liked The Secret Island so much because the children are going on an adventure by themselves and I would love to go on an adventure – just me and my two brothers. This is the story of Enid Blyton in my own words. I have read the book and remembered it in my mind and let it free again. I hope you read it and enjoy it. Love, Capucine X


Chapter 1

Nora, Peggy and Mike are sitting in the fields talking together. They are very unhappy and Nora was crying and would not stop. They saw Jack running to them. He asked Nora why she was crying. She said that aunt Harriet shouted at her because she didn’t wash the curtains well enough and she showed jack her sore red hands. Mike and Nora are twins and they both have black hair and Peggy is their older sister and she has blonde hair. Their dad built an aeroplane and set off to Australia two years ago and their mum went with him because she loves flying and then they got nearly there and then nothing more was heard. Jack lives with his grandfather because his mum and dad died when he was very young. He works very hard at his grandfathers tumbledown farm and wears raggedy clothes. Jack said let’s run away together. I have a secret. It’s a secret island we could live on. And the children said can we see it? Jack said I will show you tonight if you meet me near the lake. They asked aunt Harriet if they could go for a walk after supper. She said no so Mike said : uncle Henry and aunt Harriet are going out tonight so we will go to bed with our clothes on and then run away when they are gone. They heard the door shut they crept and slipped out the door and ran to the lake where jack was. The children said to jack : can we see your secret island? So jack led them through the thick wood and threaded his way through and then they poked their heads out of a little tree and saw the most beautiful island with birds and flowers and sweet grass and lots of trees. Then the children decided that they wanted to move there.


Chapter 2

Jack said next Sunday we will go and have a picnic at the secret island. Mike said how are we going to get there? Are we going to swim? No! Said Jack I have got an old boat that we can take. So the children went back home thinking all about next Sunday. Then at last it came. In Sunday’s they usually had a lot of work to do but also they usually were allowed to have their dinner out and have a picnic. So the children took some vegetables and fruits from the garden because aunt Harriet gave them so little to eat and ran quickly to meet jack. They wanted to see the boat so Jack said follow me to the alder bush. I have hidden it there. They got in the boat and jack offered Mike to take an oar. They rowed a long way until they could see the secret island in the distance. They saw willow trees and moorhens and wild nature and then they arrived on a sloppy beach that was a little cove. Jack said : let’s put our bags down and have a look around. They saw gooseberries, raspberries and oak trees and silver birches and when they climbed up to the top of the hill they saw a very long way away. Then saw rabbits as tame as can be and a chaffinch. They went to the other side of the hill and they saw gorse, heather and bracken and a little spring as cold as can be and as clear as a crystal. Nora said I really would like to move here and so did the others. Jack said: what about we move next Sunday? They decided to put things like saucepans, a kettle and a frying pan in a hollow tree and when the day would come they would carry their things to the boat.


Chapter 3

The children were thinking all about their plans and working hard that week and collecting things like mugs, dishes and carrots, peas, cake and sugar and tins they could store things in and a bar of soap and margarine and magnifying glass to make fire and nails and a hammer, potatoes, tea and cocoa and put them in the hollow tree and aunt Harriet and uncle Henry could not understand what was different about the children. Then, Sunday came and aunt Harriet said : you are not having a picnic today because someone has taken a cake out of my tin and the children hearts sank. Mike said to the girls quietly : when you have a chance run to the back door and the lake. Aunt Harriet found out that the girls were gone and Mike said he would go and have a look for her and find them but he ran to the lake too. He hugged the girls and they all waited for jack. There he is! They had a lot of work to do. They carried things from the hollow tree to the boat . When they had finished loading,they pushed off the boat and mike and jack took an oar each and rowed to the secret island. It was hot in June and the boat was heavy. The boat had a few holes in it and so Peggy took a cup to empty the water that was coming in. They were so excited and their faces were very red and tired. They finally arrived. They got off and put all their things under the shaded willow trees. They were thirsty and hungry so Peggy went up the hill to the spring and got some beautiful clear water and mike got some carrots, cheese and cake to eat and then they fell asleep. Jack woke up and said to the others : this is not going to do at all! We have to find a place to sleep and tomorrow we are building a house.


Chapter 4

Where do you is the best place to sleep ? Said Peggy. Under the oak trees said jack. There was soft heather under the oak trees but they decided to get more bracken and heather to make a softer bed. Then climbed up the hill, picked the bracken and put it the sun to dry. Mike and jack had a look around to see where they could store their sugar, sewing kit, cakes and everything they had. At the beach they found a cove with old willow trees and at the foot of the trees they saw a little cave that they could store their things in and use the roots of the willows for shelves. I was their larder. Nora and Peggy organised the ladder and the boys went to find a spring that was closer than the other spring. They walked and Mike found a little spring underneath a rock that was very close and they filled up their kettle with water and brought it back to the girls. Jack took them through thick willow trees and in the whole forest of the willow trees there was a clear fine place to built a house. No one could possibly find us here or squeeze through said jack. They went back to the oak trees and had a cup of cocoa and some cake and they made a fire. They quickly put it out when they were finished because jack thought the smoke of the fire would make people come and find them. They settled in their bed. The girls put their arms around each other and fell asleep and the boys stayed up and listened to the beautiful wild noises.



Chapter 5

The next morning how lovely it was to wake up on the secret island. Jack woke up first and woke up Mike who did not remember where he was. A big smile came on his face and he remembered he was on the secret island. They woke up the girls and they took of their clothes and had a dip in the lake. They were very hungry so jack fished four trouts and put them on the fire and Peggy brought potatoes and they had tea. What a lovely breakfast and a lovely day it was. They washed up their dishes and put them away and jack said we are now going to build our house. They walked to the clear space and they bent the branches of six willow trees and weaved them together to make the roof and the walls of the house and used heather and bracken to make it wind proof and rain proof. It was time for dinner and they had eggs and potatoes and it had never tasted better. They were running out of food fast so they decided that jack would go back to where they were living before and get some food from his grandfather’s farm. They also wanted milk and eggs so Jack said that perhaps they should bring some hens and a cow but Mike said: how are we going to get a cow and chickens here! Jack also said he will have to catch rabbits even though Nora said to please not catch the dear little rabbits. Jack said : you have had rabbit pie before and you like it so you have to catch them to do it and soon there will be too many rabbits on the island otherwise.


Chapter 6

The next day after their meal of fish and lettuce the children were ready to go on building the willow house in the willow ticket. Jack had decided that he would have to take the boat and row to his grandfathers farm to get more food. All that morning the children worked hard making the willow house. It was very hot and the children were sweating a lot. Jack cut down lots off willow stakes and Nora jumped up and down because she saw the willow house starting to look like a real house now. The children worked very very hard. In the hot hot hot sun. Mike dug holes to put the willow stakes in and went up to the spring lots of times to get water and they drank lots and lots of it and were very happy that it was cold. Just before they were going to have dinner, Peggy said : what a beautiful island! Just the four of us on a secret island. But Mike said: the only problem is that I am always so hungry and food is running out. There was not much to eat but potatoes that night so the hungry children ate the potatoes. Jack took the boat and set off.
Nora lied on the heather and fell asleep but the others kept wide awake. It seemed like hours until they heard a splash of oars. Hello! said mike. Is it you Jack? Yes! said Jack, I’ve got plenty of news! Someone put your hand in the boat. Nora did. She felt something soft. What is it? What is it? she cried. It’s six of my hens. I found six of my hens so I brought them here. I also have corn, seeds, milk, bread, vegetables and cherries. It’s very late, let’s go to bed but first we have to find a place for the hens to sleep. Let’s put them in the willow house until the morning. Jack told them all the village and the police were looking for them everywhere. The children lied on the sweet heather and fell asleep. Good night.
The next morning Peggy woke up and went to the willow house and she saw a welcoming sight. The hens had laid four eggs so Peggy took the eggs and had a fire going and when the others woke up and rubbed their eyes, Peggy said: come on! The hens have laid an egg each! So they ran to breakfast and ate their eggs and then had a nice fresh dip in the lake. We must finish the willow house properly! The children worked hard and made a door and they also made an enclosure for the hens then they had their lunch in peace and quiet. What a meal they had! Bread, potatoes, broad beans, trout, cherries and cocoa with milk. Then Jack said: I am thinking of taking daisy the cow across next.


Chapter 7

One or two days went by and the door came off the willow house and had to be put on again and the hen enclosure had to be fixed to be stronger. And one of the hens had escaped and the children spent nearly the hole day trying to find the hen and then Jack found it and it had laid a big brown egg in a gorse bush. And Nora fed them twice a day so whenever they saw her, they knew that it was meal time. Mike though it would be a better idea to make two rooms in the willow house instead of one big room. One afternoon Jack took some strange things back. Nora and mike said:  have you caught some rabbits and  took their skin off? That evening Nora felt like she could not look at a rabbit in the face again then Jack said tonight I will go and get daisy the cow. The others stared at Jack. How are we going to get the cow to the island? asked the others. I will put a rope around the cow and tie it to the boat and she can swim all the way back to the island behind the boat. As soon as it was dark the girls waved goodbye to Mike and Jack and they stayed in willow house and stayed up and talked. It was fun to be alone on the island. The boys arrived at jack’s grandfather’s house. He had a look at the cows and then he saw a big white and brown cow run to him and he rubbed her nose. It was daisy. She had grown up from a little calf. He called Mike who was trying to find rope in the shed and skied to look after the cow whilst he went to the house to find things that he would need. He found two towels behind the door and then he looked in the shed and he found inside a wooden box his old clothes so he took them. There were old pairs of shoes, two vests, three shirts and an old overcoat. He put them all on so that he did not need to carry them. He went to met Mike and they tied the rope to the cow’s neck and took it to the lake where the boat was. It took a good two hours. The cow was mooing every step she went and Jack though someone will one and find them because of such loud mooing. The poor frightened cow took a step into the water and then she took such a big moo and jack thought all the village heard and they will look for them. Jack lighted the lantern and they rowed all the way back to the secret island. When they arrived they meet the girls who were so excited to see the cow! Mike said: where are we going to keep the cow? And jack said in the hen yard with the Hens. So they put a little more bracken and heather to make it softer for the cow and then Nora said swinging the lantern on Jack’s belly: you do look awfully fat! Have you swollen up or something? No, said Jack. I am wearing my old clothes and the easiest way to carry them was to wear them. It took very long to take Jack’s clothes off because they were laughing so much. Nora said: what is that funny light in the sky? And jack said: its dawn silly, we better go to bed.


Chapter 8

The children slept very late and then Jack woke up because daisy was mooing so loud because she wanted to be milked and the hens clucked so loud. Our farmyard needs breakfast, wake up everyone! Then they realised that they did not have a pail! Jack said: I should have thought of that last night! We are going to use the saucepans, kettle and cups for now but we need a milking pail very soon. Peggy said:  there is an old one at aunt Harriet’s farm. Jack was worried that it had a hole in it but Peggy said that she filled it once with water to bring it to the hens and it did not leak at all. Peggy said: how are we going to keep the milk cool it is very hot on this island! Jack said: I will dig a little hole near the spring that we could put the bucket in to keep the milk very fresh. Nora thought jack was so clever. Jack said it is just common sense. Everyone can think of that. They had breakfast and they were so happy to have eggs and creamy milk and then they decided that the cow would go on the grassy field on the other side of the island as she was so happy to see sweet green grass.
The children decided to have a lazy day because they worked so hard and late yesterday. They bathed three times and the boys slept and Peggy mended the clothes and Nora read a book and they were glad to have towels to dry themselves with instead of old bags. Then they decided to have a walk around the island so they set off. They went up the hill and they saw wild flowers and picked raspberries and Peggy said we can have raspberries with cream everyday now!
All of the sudden jack looks at the lake and he saw a boat coming towards his island and said to the others: they are probably day trippers or something and are not looking for us. They decided to tidy up their things like the fire and put bracken to hide the larder cave and they put the hens in a sack and put them in the larder cave and Peggy said: what about Daisy? Only if they explore, they will find daisy but it’s. last likely they won’t because the on,y place to land is their beach and daisy is on the other side of the island. So the children went to find a place to hide.



Chapter 9

The day trippers were three men and two women and when they came to the island they thought it was beautiful. They wanted to have their super there and so they set up their dinner. Peggy said where is Mike and jack said he is probably hiding in the boat. One of a the day trippers was a gentleman called eddy who said : I am going to explore the island after dinner. That is what the children hoped the day trippers would not do. They heard a cluck from the hen and eddy said : did you hear that? One of the lady said : it’s probably just a black bird or something. Eddy saw a footprint and a piece of string on the sand. The children held their breath but his lady friend said : it’s probably day trippers, please stop talking and turn on the radio. At that moment, daisy the cow gave a moo but it was not heard because of the radio. Bats came out and the ladies were scared. The day trippers looked up at the sky and they saw a black cloud covering it and decided to leave because they thought a storm was coming. jack pretended to wave away and said: I hope you never come back! They could hear the radio of the day trippers getting fainter and fainter and the children were glad that the island was back to them. The storm was coming and they had lots to do.


Chapter 10

Peggy went to light a fire, jack went to milk daisy and Mike and Nora went to make a little den for the hens. They put sticks on the ground and few sacks on top. A little house for the hens. Peggy wasn’t doing really well with the fire which kept blowing out. It doesn’t matter it is raining too much anyway. Girls, you go to the willow house. Mike and jack came back yo the house soaking wet. Jack asked Peggy where his trousers were and mike and jack put nice warm clothes on. They had a cup of nice warm milk, few cherries and hot cocoa and wet to bed. Daisy woke them up again in the morning. They went to bath in the lake except for Nora who laid lazily looking at the blue sky. Nora couldn’t swim. Nora saw that the day trippers had left orange peels, banana skins, tins and old newspapers and cardboard all over the sand. The children were so cross that the day trippers had spoiled their island and beach. Peggy said: I wish we could put the day trippers in the bin and close the lid. The children all laughed. They collected the rubbish to put out again if anyone else came to the island and pretend that day trippers had visited. They went to milk daisy who mooed again but they saw that daisy had actually come to find jack to be milked and that she was standing right behind him.


(to be continued …)

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